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10, 9, 8... Sign up to our mailing list so we can keep you up to date with the exciting new courses available to you wherever you are. Experiential Courses with Deliberate Practice integrated so you can trust that skills will increase, and knowledge embeds within you..... topics include Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS), Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems (CIMBS), Experiential Dynamic Therapy (EDT), Intensive Short Term Dynamic Therapy (ISTDP), and more. Our first online course Mastering Medically Unexplained Symptoms - Part 1 - was released last week - go to


For health professionals who are interested in
• emotions, connection, what is going on underneath
• improving outcomes from the individual all the way to the organisational level
• releasing their innate and omnipresent emotional capacity
• learning about the blocks – internally and relationally in their helping / caring interactions.

Coming soon – resources, events, connection, community and a new website!

Get involved and shape what emotihealth will offer you and the international healthcare community.
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Find out more about us or have a look at emotihealth’s previous content while our new site is being designed and built!

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