ISTDP Core Training 2019

Experiential Dynamic Therapy / Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy core group training

Birmingham, 2019

Dr Jessica Bolton
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, IEDTA accredited Experiential Dynamic Therapist, Supervisor & Trainer

Dr Angela Cooper
Clinical Psychologist, ISTDP Therapist & IEDTA accredited Teacher, Supervisor in training

Dr Ricky Barrows
Clinical Psychologist, ISTDP Therapist & Trainer

This is a 3-year core group training course starting in late 2019. For more information or to apply please register by clicking here or complete form below.

As trainers, we aim to embody and encourage an ethos of lifelong learning whilst helping our trainees strive for clinical excellence. Working with human difficulties is a complex task and complex models of therapy are needed. EDT as a whole is an amalgamation of many theoretical models in one, to enable you to work with a broad spectrum of complexity. This makes it both rewarding and challenging to learn at the same time. This challenge is normal, healthy and unavoidable. We have been in your position and continue to be challenged daily! In this training, we aim to welcome and face into the many challenges along this learning journey whilst maintaining compassion for self and others throughout.

In this EDT core training program me, we teach EDT theory, technique and practice to help you:

  • Develop and fulfil your potential
  • Become a more attuned and connected clinician
  • Understand fundamental principles that will serve to guide your interventions; flexibility within a structure is the aim.
  • Build a range of therapeutic skills whilst increasing your emotional capacity to implement those skills
  • Balance evidence based practice with moment to moment practice based evidence
  • Thrive in your professional role.

The accredited course lasts for three years and consists of

  • Training blocks in Birmingham, UK – 5 day + 4 day each year.
  • Online supervision sessions – 3 hours x 8 per year.

Cost of the course is £2100+VAT per year.
We will invoice you on receipt of your application as we require an initial payment to hold your place. We offer 3 payment options – full payment, payment in two halves or 10 equal monthly payments. Any of these three payments are acceptable to hold your place on the course.

For more information or to apply please register here.


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