Good Reads/Resources

This Is Your Brain on Meditation – Fantastic article explaining how meditation can create change in the brain. It also explains which parts of our brain are overactive/underactive when we experience anxiety, depression or mindbody-symptoms and why meditation (or indeed other awareness building tools) can help. Enjoy!

Emotional and physical pain activate the same regions in thebrain  -Another good article looking at dispelling the myth that we should continue to separate our mind and body pain. When we experience physical pain AND emotional pain, the same areas on the brain light up – this is often why when we experience a physical injury e.g. a car accident and we develop back pain that doesn’t go away, even when tests come back negative, it often means there is an emotional component being held tightly in your back. When you get to those emotions, you are less tense and your back pain will begin to ease! Enjoy!

schlager-maternal-depression-istdp-journal-101416 – This is a fantastic article looking at the connection between attachment trauma, certain personality styles and postpartum depression. It discussed the importance of treating this condition as soon as possible and within the first two years of the child’s life as this is a crucial developmental stage.

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