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Hands up if you ever had a patient walk through your door who was suffering with a physical symptom, yet you couldn’t find a medical basis for it? No matter how many investigations, blood tests or specialist referrals you made?! Hands down, you are in very good company! In fact, research tells us that up to 45% of primary care appointments, 50% of new visits to hospital and 1/6 emergency visits involve symptoms that are medically unexplained. Often, your medical training does not teach you how to assess or manage these conditions adequately. Having these frequent and frustrating appointments can leave both patient and clinician feeling irritated, hopeless and very stuck! If this is you, then this course can help.

What will you learn?

  • An approach to assessing and managing these conditions in 15 mins
  • What information to collect to help you ‘rule in’ MUS whilst ruling out serious medical pathology
  • Treatment options including:
    • Basic therapeutic skills specifically for this group
    • Resources that can help with mild to moderate cases
  • Additional Features:
    • Develop your own emotional awareness
    • Identify and overcome blocks to your emotional growth
    • Reduce your sense of helplessness and stress that contributes to burnout.
  • How will we do this?
    • Learning will focus on experiential and deliberate practice exercises

Want to find out more?

For therapists and coaches – coming soon

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Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems experiential online training


An experiential course to build your Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems knowledge and skills.

Want to build effective therapeutic attachment relationships with your clients? This course helps you learn innovative ways to be even more authentic, emotionally present and attuned with your clients. Want to learn about the basics of CIMBS with experiential exercises that bring your learning to life and ensure you can make immediate use of the skills you are developing? Want to activate primary approach emotional systems inside you and in your clients? This is the course for you!

You will learn how to:

  • Do Neurophysiopsychotherapy™!
  • Fire healthy systems together so they wire together!
  • Integrate CBT, mindfulness, interruption and emotional activation techniques.
  • Enable your clients to become the author of their own lives.
  • Utilize the activation energy of the therapeutic relationship present in each of your sessions
  • Over-ride your client’s avoidant tendencies, in the form of secondary non-conscious processes – anxiety, shame or depression
  • Differentiate bottom-up from the top-down experiences
  • Activate neurotransmitters to facilitate long-term change
  • Use the activation of the therapeutic relationship to bring brain systems online
  • Be more attuned, authentic and emotionally present with your clients


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