CIMBS workshop 25-26th October 2018 Birmingham, UK

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A workshop with Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems [CIMBS™] & NeuroPhysioPsychoTherapy™

2 day workshop – 25-26th October 2018, Birmingham, UK

Terry and Beatriz Sheldon

Price: £325 for two days.

This is a two-day Experiential Training Course with Beatriz Sheldon and Terry Sheldon, MD

Workshop places are limited. Book now.

Terry & Beatriz Sheldon developers of a new paradigm in psychotherapy – complex integration of multiple brain systems (CIMBS)

“Our goal as teachers is to add to your understanding, skills, experience, and perspectives.  This course will be a combination of perspectives, approaches, interventions and principles to enhance your trust and confidence in yourselves, your patients and the therapeutic process.  This will enable you to tap into previously unknown resources in yourself to more effectively achieve the goals of therapy.
We believe you will be able to go home with some new interventions and approaches that you will be excited to use the next time you see patients.

In this course we will demonstrate how we operationalize our goals as therapists working with non-conscious emotional processing.  

  • Activate Underlying Proactive Primary Emotional Resources, and how these generate often untapped sources emotional energy.
  • Simultaneous Activation of Multiple nonconscious emotional Brain Systems will lead to parallel emotional processing which is the biggest key to getting unstuck in therapy.
  • Use new ways to modify nonconscious emotional networks, bringing mindfulness and emotional systems together with fascinating results.
  • Provide your patients with multiple need satisfying experiences throughout each session simultaneously so that the patient will experience effective and efficient results.
  • Activate “feel good” neurotransmitters for powerful anti-depressant and attachment effects.

This course will help you learn how to work with different levels of consciousness and emotional processing.  This will enable you to get underneath the secondary level, transference patterns, emotional habits, triggers, where therapy often gets stuck.

You will learn how to work with the different brain systems to access primary level emotional processing.  We will help you learn how to achieve novel states of activation and incoherence – this enables new self-organizing capacities to be released and facilitation of neuroplasticity.  In addition, you will learn how to interrupt nonconscious emotional constraints to move the process forward in a very different way rather than addressing defenses directly.

Teaching will be experiential on many levels, so that, in parallel, you can then provide enhanced experiential treatment for your patients.”


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