Mind-Body Information Sheet – This information sheet is one i use for the medical doctors who refer people to see me. The aim of the worksheet is to show you how your body’s autonomic nervous system can cause a myriad of mindbody issues – some that you may never have been aware of.  Use the worksheet to determine what symptoms you might be having and if all medical tests have come back negative, you are likely to be suffering with a mindbody issue. Once you know that, you can begin to do something about it!

Narrative Writing Exercise  – If you would like to start working through a stressful experience that you notice still triggers a great deal of emotions, symptoms or anxiety – here’s a great exercise to help.  This exercise is designed to help parts of your brain that have been under or over active find some equilibrium.  You should only carry out the exercise in a place you feel safe to do so and if the stressful event is very distressing, make sure you have other support networks in place to help you e.g. professional help if needed. Let me know how you get on!


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